Monday, December 31, 2007

Let us begin

Happy new year. It has been a special one for me in particular, and not always in a good way. Lets do a little recap starting with last January.

Januaries are often times odd for me, since my birthday is usually right when school starts again. I never expect anything for my birthday and I'm usually not disappointed in that regard. I know what that sounds like and I don't mean it to sound pathetic. I've never made a big deal about birthdays since probably my 8th and I've not had a party since about then either. Due to the timing I've always been working on something or at school. I remember spending my 16th building a toothpick bridge for a science project. It was a damn fine piece of engineering for certain. But now I digress. My 22nd was no different, in fact I can't even remember if I did anything that day. Im fairly certain I was in the machine shop at some point working on baja...the project which practically consumed the first half of this year.

while were on that subject...Ah baja...

To sum up, I think I put in over 100 hours in the shop, several late nights, some blood and tissue, as well as a lot of time in the water. It was an all consuming experience that paid off in the end. We did pretty well after working our asses off completely both before and during the competition. Needless to say my other studies took a hit during this period.

And who could forget graduation, a redeeming and for me humbling experience. I spent much of the ceremony, the days before, and the days after contemplating my 4 years and noting many regrets, academically and socially. Bucknell changed me a lot. The jury is still out on whether or not it was a good change.

and now on to the part many of you didn't see...the months after graduation. I went home to Asheville, where I dedicated my life to finding a job and arguing with my parents about finding a job. Job hunting is not easy for those with social phobias, but eventually I pulled through. After many interviews, and weeks of travel I was offered a job by a contracting company based in PA as a Technical Assistant. This means I do the grunt work for engineering design and evaluation. The pay is nice, the working conditions are pretty good. I get to work out of my home most of the time, save for frequent trips for meetings and such.

In august when I started I moved from my parents home in Asheville to a 1 bedroom apt. in New Bern, NC. I have access to the local military base. So far things have gone smoothly. Its a little lonely here especially since I work from home, but I get out sometimes. I have a standing DnD game every week at the local game store. All good people there and its something for me to do socially.

Those are the basics. And now as I sit here on new years eve, I present to you my Resolutions and a tentative 5 year plan.

Resolutions for 2008:

Keep in better contact with old friends. This blog will serve some of that purpose...but expect to see emails or calls in the future :D

lose serious weight: yeah I've been slowly gaining weight since the start of college, and its time to stop now that Im reaching the point of obesity...also diabeetus could be in my future

Branch out socially. While I do have my weekly game, other than Saturdays there really is no reason to leave my apartment unless I need something. Got to work on that.

Improve my hygienic/cleanliness habits. Its not hard to slip into a measure of filth when you live alone, I learned this over the past year.

A potential 5 year plan.

I do not see where I am right now as where I want to be in the near future. New Bern aint the place for a 20something to live out his life. Depending on where this job takes me I will probably start looking elsewhere when my immediate boss announces his retirement. (its not far off, hes 62). Hopefully my experience at this job will allow me to land something with a larger aerospace corporation.

My dream scenario: Aerodynamic test engineer at Boeing in Seattle. Or maybe an engine designer at GE in Cincinnati

worst case scenario: War with Iran, draft reinstated. I'd probably go voluntarily to the Army Corps of Engineers or the Air Force Mechanics Corps

And there we have it. Welcome to the abyss. Don't step in the bullshit.