Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Next Gen

So with my generous tax refund coming in this past weekend I went out and purchased myself and Xbox 360 and some games. My first next gen console. I was debating for a while between the xbox and the PS3 but what I figured was if I were to buy both eventually I would get the xbox now since its currently tops but eventually I figur the ps3 will reclaim the glory of its predecessors before the next next gen systems come out.

Anyway the details: my gamertag is FrakTruck and the games i got were Assassins creed and lost odyssey

initial reviews to follow

AC: This game is great. I like the premise, I like the action, I like all of it. Its completely immersive and if you haven't played it, you probably will be confused by how it will end up working. If I were to complain about 1 thing its that after the first set of missions, the gameplay basically repeats itself just at a harder difficulty. The story however more than makes up for it.

EDIT: APR3 (12:30AM) LO review

This game was pretty cool for the first couple of hours. It definitely had potential in my mind till they introduced 2 new characters, young children who through some ridiculous plot twisting appear and join the party. It is from this point on that the game seemed to go downhill for me. The writing got sloppy, the characters making huge leaps in logic without really explaining anything, ambiguous character traits surface (ex, Kaims immense sentimentality vice his incredible blood lust for revenge) and seriously, everything these kid characters do makes me want to toss things at my TV and they're involved in EVERY CUT SCENE so you can imagine my rage. I don't know what it is, maybe its their terrible voice acting or the fact that other than being a decent healer they're incredibly useless (I've permanently benched mack till the game opens up and I can level him without him doing nothing every battle)

lets move on. Graphically the game is pretty good, though on my TV (not HD mind) it doesn't look any better than FFXII and the fighting system isn't really anything special except that magic is incredibly overpowered and there are entire zones where melee is just useless. Theres also not a lot of freedom yet and I'm 12 hours in and on disc 2 of 4. Im still being prodded along this path with nowhere else to go pretty much. The Challenge rating is pretty high for an RPG...the AI will target your weak characters and constantly barrage them which until you learn how to deal with each group of enemies in the zone you will have trouble, and the bosses so far have been interesting battles at least.

this looks like a terribad review, I know this but these are just my personal gripes. Im gonna keep going of course since the 360 is unfortunately RPG starved at this stage with this, eternal sonata and Mass Effect being the only high profile RPGs that I know of (though fallout3 and fable 2 are coming in 6 months)