Monday, November 10, 2008

All a twitter

If you knew me personally, you might know my feelings on social networks. Web 2.0 brought with it the myspaces, the facebooks, and all the like. Personally i am not a fan of those things. The problem with them that I see, is that it takes too much work to keep up with people.

Me being the lazy and quite forgetful type, I rarely even check the social sites I am on, and thus it has been difficult for me to keep in contact with people out of sight (and thus out of mind)

There is one service that I have found to be most manageable, Twitter This service can both be completely web based and through light weight and low maintenance apps.

for the uninitiatied it works like this, you type in your message of 140 characters or less and it goes out to the tubes, and is aggregated by all the people that follow you and vice versa.

The hardest part is finding people you know :D

My twitter username is FrakTruck

see you on the tubes

Sunday, November 9, 2008


a post about the televison I watch

the SciFi Channel is giving me a birthday present this year! and that's the rest of this season (the final one) of Battlestar Galactica.

on to current television: 30 Rock, the greatest thing NBC has produced since the 90s is back finally.

I haven't been watching this season of Heroes because I hear its worse than last season and getting worse each episode.

Chuck has new episodes, and I enjoy this show. It was going to be cancelled since it never picked up ratings (blame the writers strike) but since its cheaper to keep shows than cancel them, they get another chance.

Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia is a magnificent program if you aren't already watching it, you can do so at (all current and past episodes)

Discovery actually has some decent shows coming out this season along with new episodes of mythbusters. Prototype this is fun for engineers like me, but they try way to hard to be Mythbusters 2.0. Time warp is a short show about capturing stuf with Slow mo cameras. In Hi Def I can see this show being really interesting, but its really just more of an artpiece than anything informational.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

politik 2: elected boogaloo

America chose, huzzah

Now we found out if we made the right choice.

Other people can put it more eloquently than I can, but the reason Obama was able to get to so many different kinds of people was his accessibility. I really hope he can carry that to the white house.

Reacting to his acceptance speech, I have to say that I definitely agree with him, RE: the state of our nation. I do believe that our generation and those surrounding it have had it pretty darn "easy"

2 wars, each with no significant national impact, banking and financial sector running free and wild, we are a land of opulence and we've taken it too far. Its time for sacrifices, I've already made several just so I can keep living the way I like to, its not about to end so I'm getting used to it.

Hopefully the rest of America, especially those living in the "real america" will understand and board the train to hopeville, we want you there you know.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hello, my name is Chris Schaller and Im a registered Independent who voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. I live in North Carolina, a battleground state.

Got that out of the way.

I have always classified myself as an independent, or more favorably a moderate. I classify myself this way because I feel that the two party system is a dismal failure, as it breads pandering and catering to special interests to get elected rather than truly representing the voice of the people. Ideally there would be any number of candidates from any number of parties representing all the dissenting opinions in this great land, but then we come to the problem of the Electoral College which throws all that into the shitter.

Needless to say I alone wont be changing how our goverment works any time soon so I have to live with what we got. I voted the way I did in this election because I feel that of the two candidates (and their running mates) the Democratic ticket best represents what I want to happen to government. I agree with the message of change that Obama has put forth and agree with a majority of his policies.

now conservatives, dont get me wrong, I am a moderate and as is such there are a number of things I agree with John McCain on. Had he been given the nomination in 2004 I would have voted for him. I like the "maverick" but I believe that he has changed some of his idealogies with the intention of winning the election. I am not as familar with conservative circles and beliefs as some of you out in internet land but I believe Sarah Palin lost the election for McCain. She certainly is popular with the "people" of "real America" and thats the ticket that supposedly George II rode to the white house twice, but as an "elite" I guess member of society, I have to say the potential for her to lead this nation scares the shit out of me.

If there is one thing in politics (impossible) that angers me the most it is the negative campaigning. In all the rhetoric I have heard and read in this election from the McCain camp (minus the debates) its been all about how we shouldn't vote for Obama, not why we should vote for McCain. McCain rallies full of people saying how they're scared of an Obama presidency. Thats the most ludicris shit I have ever heard of. Im not frightened of a McCain presidency (just a Palin one)

Its very hard for me to put into words because I prefer not to talk about this stuff but as a moderate (and I do believe I am one) the division in this country that is being talked about and created by the McCain camp is the real enemy. To actually believe that there are parts of this nation that are "un-American" hurts me deeply

To quantify my politics in a sentance I would say this, I despise extremes be they conservative or liberal. I cant watch MSNBC or Fox News without getting very angry at my television.

this is all I have to say for now
see you in 4 years