Thursday, May 29, 2008


The internet is a funny place. To me now I feel comfortable pretty much anywhere on the nettertubes but this didn't used to be the case. Do you remember when the interwebs was a scary place? I do. I remember stumbling upon sites in my youth with flashy banners and sounds and freaking out closing browsers and such thinking somebody was haxxoring my box. I remember getting stupid email viruses and keyloggers and spyware shit all out the ass and then going through the tedious process of cleaning it all out.

Then came web2.0 and as I grew older and wiser the internet began to feel like a second home. A place to re-invent oneself if one chooses to do so. A place to be anonymous in a sea of other anonymous people. I wonder sometimes whether the internet is still dangerous, and I've just become more immune to its dangers...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I was right!

I was just reviewing my post history and came upon an entry regarding the future of American television where I predicted the Discovery venture "Smash Lab" would not see past its pilot run. Well I'm fairly certain I was right. I haven't heard word one about that show in at least 6 weeks.

Uncle Niko Says....

Since getting my Xbox360 my other systems have fallen to the unfortunate wayside. I had the distinct advantage of grabbing games I knew were good, as was the case with Mass Effect, Assassins Creed and Bioshock, and then this month with GTAIV and the Penny Arcade game (which is FANTASTIC for a non full length game). Another pickup for me this month was the latest burnout incarnation, paradise. The open world is pretty inventive and the new crash system is fun, but I miss the individuality of the races in previous games. Its great that you can fuck around whenever you want but you have to hunt out when you want to do a new race if you don't want to repeat the same tracks over and over again.

My PC is currently fascinated with World Of Warcraft still...this is probably because I have nothing else to do during the week and parts of the weekend, and its a pretty good time sink for me. Im the Rogue officer in a guild on Greymane US in a raiding guild 4/5 5/9 in T6 content if that means anything to any of you. I'm probably going to give Age of Conan a try once a buddy of mine comes through with a guest pass primarily for the reason that I hate the WoW PVP system and am yearning to try something new. And the fact that MMO's have been my heroin since Asheron's Call.

In non-gaming news, my boss recently informed our group that we have no future work outside of 1 year so I have once again taken up the mantle of jobseeker in my spare time to solidify my future.

Keep on truckin

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Genius and madness, a fine Culinary line

In the ever increasing war on food boredom I have added a few recipes to my stable. Please indulge and elaborate at your leisure

Sosage Mc. Pasta
1 package Johnsonville Sweet Basil Italian Sausage
1 jar Classico Traditional Sweet Basil sauce

Cut the sausage into small pieces ~4 per link and cook thoroughly in oil in a fry pan (I dont fuck around with pork so mine are 90% done with a decent crust before I take them off)

Simmer in the sauce with additional oregano till your satisfied in its doneness

serve over pasta of your choice

Omega's Universal Marinade
I use this on chicken, pork, beef, what have you, anything in small pieces to be fried in a pan w/oil

Teriyaki Sauce
Barbecue Sauce (this is where I lose a lot of people Im sure, I only use Bone Sucking Sauce)

its pretty tasty, toss the remnants in towards the end of cooking for a good coat.,1977,FOOD_9936_25143,00.html
this is fantastic btw I use baby portabella for the mushrooms though
ProTip, dont use a high wall pan or you end up simmering instead of thickening the sauce at the end

Friday, May 2, 2008


This evening, I pulled out my trumpet (she without a name) and blew some notes for the first time in almost a year. I learned that when you spend 13 years doing something, you don't ever forget how to do it. Much like Sam did at school I came to the realization that I've spent over half of my life with the harsh mistress of the trumpet and I shouldn't be so quick to let my fingers and lips lose those hard earned callouses.

Of course playing could be hard considering I live in a relatively well populated apartment complex. Tonight I played softly with my most noise deadening mute. The walls are thick enough that nobody would have been disturbed by that much, but I think I could be a little bolder during the day, when Im usually the only person I see in my building.

Getting to another topic. Recent comments from old friends Mike, Christine, and Rebbecca have led me to believe that this thing I'm doing here is accomplishing at least one of my goals, communicating with friends far and near. That being said, I still get very little communication from people I know. I can be stubborn so feel free to bug me on this front. I leave my current contact info below to that end

AIM: TheWookie13 (unchanged note :D)
Phone # 252-288-7177 (highlight)